Decision and destiny!!

Posted: April 21, 2012 in A Different View
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The person who has no regrets in life has never really lived actually.
Life throws two directions at us at the same time leaving only two
seconds to make our choice. So what’s left is always “What could have
been if I chose the other way”. There is never a single path to reach
our destination but crossroads that lead us forward but maybe in a more
or less painful way. Would it hurt less if our fate was binding rather
than dependent on our day-to-day decisions? So easy to swallow the grief
if we knew that it was beyond our control. But that is not the case.
Having our options limited by a few leaves us helpless. We may feel the need to have no say but when the time comes we don’t refrain from begging for a chance, a chance to fight, a chance to make it alright. The burden of guilt is easier to carry if we know who to blame it for. A white lie to our conscience destroys our peace but satisfies the mind. Stability is what we seek. The knowledge that someone else is pulling the strings, a masks that disguises our own incompetence, makes our journey smooth. So, we ask for the challenge, lose but can’t bear the blow of the defeat.We are all cowards at the end of the day,if we cannot face the truth and we cannot face our life.
This is the real paradox. On our journey, we forget that we ourselves carve our destiny. A cloak of excuses is at hand to cover up our pain but deep down we realize that we reap only what we sow. If we have the courage to make a choice, why can’t we admit our wrongs and start again instead of shifting responsibility on something abstract. High and lows may throw you off track but at least you’ll know that everything is always in your hands.


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